What is It that is In you, Rain?

I’m a sucker for rain. I love the sound of it. It’s the most beautiful natural sound. It never fails to catch my breath. It’s so calming that I can sit and listen for hours. And the smell – it’s something surreal. It’s hard to explain, but there’s something special in it. 

There is something romantic in the rain that I cannot explain with words – as if the endless pitter-pattering sound it makes is intimately conversing with my soul of my deepest longings and farthest memories enticing me to bring them out into the open.

Back when I was a child, I used to play in the rain a lot. And I loved it. I remember running in the rain with my friends, going circles around puddles of water then splashing them sending rivulets of mud and water soaking us dirty and wet all the more. As kids there’s nothing quite like jumping and splashing in puddles! We would lie in our stomach and scream: “I’m drowning! I’m drowning!” until some family would come running (panicky) to the rescue completely forgetting that no large body of water is available nearby, not in a hundred miles away!

I would let a friend laugh his heart out then would sadly look at him and say (within the earshot of our other friends): “Gosh, your face is all wet. Suck it up, stop crying!” Then we would all laugh all the more.

 Or, we would gather all our favorite and beloved felines, place them outdoor and watch them go insane! Or, we would look up skyward, open wide our mouths and gather raindrops into it, until we all have locked jaws and stiff necks. Only to figure out later on that we can do it painlessly lying on our backs facing the skies! Nah, stuff only kids do 😉

Then, after we all got tired and bored of our silliness, we would take a hike among the trees, silent, just listening to the sound of raindrops trickling on the canopy of leaves – it seems to make everything huge, so endless. Listening to those sounds while walking along a misty path is nothing but magical.

“The beauty and magic of childhood made even beautiful by the wonders of rain. As if the whole world stopped to watch our joy”

Most people (myself included) would say when it rains the world stops. Well, not really, but it seems that way. People flee the streets and the roads congest with slowing traffic. Of course businesses remain open and life proceeds apace, but for a moment the hustle and bustle recedes under the gray torrent of storm.

For someone like me who is being catapulted into the schemes of this rather fast-paced ultra-modern present world, this is calming. An unspoken fear of many people of this generation is the possibility that life is passing us by, exciting things happening beyond our reach. Facebook and the companies of our friends only magnify this anxiety, confronting us with an unending list of all the parties, careers and ambitions we aren’t having. Or the inner longings, desires and bliss we haven’t pursued.

So the rain, for someone like me, is reality tapping on the breaks. An intervention from on high. An indisputable edict that every busy, buzzing thing halt for a moment.

Maybe that’s why every time, especially during those gentle and soulful rains, I would sit by my window and sometimes would open it to allow the cool breeze to blow over my face. Sometimes I would listen to music, read a book or be inspired to write. It was at these moments that I feel so calm and relaxed. It would seem like the world has stopped spinning and everything else come to a freeze.

Giving me time to cope with the rest of it and of myself.

How about you?


9 thoughts on “What is It that is In you, Rain?

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  2. Rain…..ahhh it irrates me at time especially when it stops me from completing these huge piles of workloads…nonetheless rain reminds me that life needs a pause….and that we were created both to see the gloom and marvel with sunshine next to that.
    This is awesome drie….


  3. I love rain!! Always have. Your childhood fun in the rain sounds very similar to mine. Rain is cleansing of the earth, the soul, the heart, the mind . . . it restores and revitalizes literally and figuratively. It is light and dark, romantic and scary. It can be all things and give rise to many emotions. I’ve written a few poems about rain. Great read! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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